New UK Brexit minister wants British public to tell him which EU regulations he should scrap

British Conservative Party Member of Parliament (MP) and Brexiteer Jacob Rees-Mogg. (AP Photo/Matt Dunham)
By Thomas Brooke
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The U.K.’s newly-appointed minister in charge of realizing the opportunities of Brexit has called on members of the public to contact him and tell him which bureaucratic Brussels’ regulations they want scrapped.

In a column for Britain’s largest-selling tabloid “The Sun,” Conservative MP Jacob Rees-Mogg implored readers to write to him with legislation they would like to be abolished.

“You are the ones who know the red tape which binds your hands,” the North East Somerset MP told readers, prompting them to let him know of the regulations “which make life harder for small businesses, which shut out competition, or simply increase the cost of operating.”

Rees-Mogg, a prominent campaigner for Brexit during the 2016 referendum, insisted that through “thousands of small changes” to laws imposed on Britain by Brussels during its time as a member state, the country can “enact real economic change,” ensuring that Brits “feel a real Brexit bonus in their pockets and in their lives every day.”

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The call to action comes just a matter of days after Rees-Mogg was appointed to a new role as Minister of State for Brexit Opportunities and Government Efficiency in a cabinet mini reshuffle by Boris Johnson.

He insisted that the two roles outlined in his new title, increasing government efficiency and realizing the opportunities of Brexit have the same objective, “making the lives of British people easier.”

“This is a national effort,” Rees-Mogg proclaimed, channeling senior British Army officer Lord Kitchener and his famous 1914 poster which called for Brits to join the army with the slogan, ‘Your country needs you.’

“You are needed again in 2022,” the government minister told The Sun readers, explaining that the Brexit dividend to be enjoyed by Brits will “come from hundreds of small actions that make daily life a little bit easier.”

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