Romania calls for calm after Brexit vote

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Ciamba – speaking on behalf of Romania, currently holding the revolving presidency of the European Union – told news agency Mediafax that the outcome of the vote was predictable, with the only real surprise being the “much worse result than expected”.

He said that while Romanian officials were continuing to coordinate among member states preparations for an unregulated Brexit, “there is no reason to spread fear nor is it entirely clear that there will be an exit of Great Britain without an agreement.”

George CIamba

Romanian minister for EU affairs George Ciamba

He added, however, that all EU member states will continue to prepare for an unregulated exit.

Ciamba also reminded of the assurances given by Great Britain that even in the case of an unregulated exit, citizens of other member states residing in Britain will not suffer any negative consequences and from their point of view the transition will be a regulated one.


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