Pellegrini: Salzburg negotiations were productive

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The Slovak Prime Minister believes the atmosphere in the Austrian city was much better and calmer regarding the issue of immigration than in previous dealings. The politician emphasized to the media that the leaders were able to find a common ground on this topic as well as on other issues.

“Many European leaders are visiting Africa and a few countries are confused about competences and who they need to negotiate with. It’ll cost us, but we need to improve the life of locals to prevent them leaving Africa, ” claims Pellegrini. The Slovak Prime Minister also talked about Frontex, according to him the conflinct between member states is not about financing and enhancing the organization but rather about its competences and potential conflicts with state sovereignty. Pellegrini also mentioned that the Visegrad Four already collected 38 million Euros for the African funds which is sufficient to buy and operate four patrol boats.

According to the Slovak politician he warned about the shortening time of Brexit. The European Union is preparing to protect the four freedoms and it is possible that Great Britain will leave the institution in March 2019 without an agreement.

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