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Liberal Slovak government MPs are keen to please Brussels

A group of five MPs from the liberal faction of the largest Slovak government party OLANO have submitted a proposal for the September session of parliament that would, according to the signatories, guarantee the protection of the LGBTQ community more effectively. During a press conference, the MPs argued that such a new legislation is needed […]
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Pellegrini: I could imagine a Czech as Slovak Prime Minister

Andrej Babiš and Peter Pellegrini participated in a special debate surrounding the 100th anniversary of the independent Czechoslovak state. Pellegrini believes that Slovakia is matured and the country could be led by a talented politician regardless of the place of his birth.

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Will the Slovak President fall amid kidnapping scandal?

The scandal surrounding the abduction of Vietnamese businessman Trin Xuan Thanh with the involvement of Slovak authorities has created a coalition crisis. If the government falls, Slovakia’s president Andrej Kiska will also be affected because of his initial plans of forming a new political party.

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