Pellegrini: I could imagine a Czech as Slovak Prime Minister

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Andrej Babiš is the first Prime Minister of the Czech Republic with Slovak origin. “The people perceive politicans how they fulfill their promises. I was born in Slovakia but now I am the Prime Minister of the Czech Republic and I fight for Czech interests,” Babiš said. 

The two politicians also talked about the similarities and the differences between the two nations. One of the biggest differences is the stance towards the national currency: in Slovakia nearly 75 percent of the population is pleased with the Euro, in the Czech Republic the koruna has the support of the majority of the population. While Pellegrini said Slovakia respects a similar stance, Babiš confirmed that the Czech Republic is not planning a change to the Eurozone. “I remember as Minister of Finance, the biggest problems are facing the Greeks and the Italians. The Eurozone needs reform, because many states are irresponsible regarding their budgets,” said the Czech politician.

Pellegrini claimed that celebrating the anniversary of forming the Czechoslovak state is a one-time event and the 30th of October was specially declared as an extraordinary National Holiday due to the 100th anniversary of the Martin declaration, which was formulated by Slovak politicians.

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