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Czech and Slovak PMs agree that the dissolution of Czechoslovakia was inevitable 30 years ago

The division of Czechoslovakia 30 years ago after the fall of communism was the right decision and an inevitable step, said Czech Prime Minister Petr Fiala during a debate with Slovak Prime Minister Eduard Heger on Monday in Prague. Fiala said that any efforts designed to keep Czechia and Slovakia together as one nation state […]
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Andrej Babiš Czechoslovakia Peter Pellegrini Slovakia News
4 YEARS AGOAndrej Babiš Czechoslovakia Peter Pellegrini Slovakia News

Pellegrini: I could imagine a Czech as Slovak Prime Minister

Andrej Babiš and Peter Pellegrini participated in a special debate surrounding the 100th anniversary of the independent Czechoslovak state. Pellegrini believes that Slovakia is matured and the country could be led by a talented politician regardless of the place of his birth.

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