Václav Klaus: The winners of Czechia’s election lack courage, will submit to harmful EU agenda

Brussels’ policy pursues goals other than freedom, prosperity, and raising the living standards of the people of Europe, says Klaus.

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: Czech News Agency, Lada Režňáková
Former Czech President Václav Klaus giving his speech on the occasion of the 103rd anniversary of the founding of independent Czechoslovakia (Václav Klaus Institute/Facebook)

The Czech Republic is once again at a key crossroad as an agenda aimed against families, nation states and even human nature itself marches on, said former President Václav Klaus in his speech at Prague Castle, in which he also criticized the European Union.

According to Klaus, the formation of the Czechoslovak Republic on Oct. 28, 1918, remains a “permanent inspiration and reinforcement.”

“However, we know that we have yet to win. Right now, emerging and dangerously growing new threats require us to make efforts to secure our state’s existence and its future,” said Klaus at an event commemorating the 103rd anniversary of the founding of an independent Czechoslovakia, an event organized by the Czech Freedom Fighters Union (ČSBS) along with other associations.

According to Klaus, Czechs cannot look at the future without worries, and threats to freedom are not only coming from lockdowns and restrictions associated with the coronavirus pandemic.

“We face the efforts to change the world that our ancestors fought for and we grew up in through social engineering. They want to remake it based on ideas of a new generation of ideologues who hide their anti-humanist ideas and world-ruling ambitions behind phrases about saving the planet, fighting climate change, eliminating completely arbitrarily defined discrimination, the need for global government, and other similar progressive goals that are not our goals,” he said.

According to the former president, these same people are bothered by the existence of nation-states, families, and human nature.

He noted that the “destroyers of our world” use mainly international institutions such as the United Nations and the European Union for their purposes.

“As a result, Brussels’ policy pursues goals other than freedom, prosperity, and raising the living standards of the people of Europe,” said Klaus.

In his speech, he also touched on this year’s elections to the Chamber of Deputies, which took place in the Czech Republic in October. According to him, the election result was influenced by “substitute” topics instead of clear opinions on political and economic issues of today.

“The winners of the elections are very unconvincing about the change they want to bring, but they do not mean changing the dangerous trends we are experiencing and which are threatening our future. They do not have the courage to stand up to them. They prefer to submit to them. In addition, they imagine the change in a completely different way than the silent majority of our fellow citizens,” he noted.

During his speech, he also mentioned the hospitalization of President Miloš Zeman. Due to the state of health of the current head of state, the traditional ceremony of handing over state decorations did not take place.

“As if this fact symbolized the peculiarities and risks of the time we live in,” commented the former president.

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