Václav Klaus, Miloš Zeman hospital care Miloš Zeman Václav Klaus czech republic News

Czechia: Miloš Zeman and Václav Klaus are hospitalized

Two major Czech political figures are currently in the hospital, according to press reports. On Tuesday, President Miloš Zeman was taken to the Central Military Hospital (ÚVN) in Prague. His spokesman, Jiří Ovčáček, has not yet commented on the reasons of hospitalization. His wife Ivana also arrived in the facility. In addition, former President Václav […]
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Václav Klaus, upcoming parliamentary elections, Czech Republic Parliamentary Election Václav Klaus czech republic

Former Czech President Klaus: Upcoming elections won’t change anything, fail to address core issues of ‘progressivism and globalism’

The Czech Republic is facing a crisis of independence and a progressive transformation on topics like gender that no political party is truly addressing, according to the country’s former president

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Coronavirus crisis coronavirus measures Coronavirus restrictions Czech Republic Václav Klaus Commentary

Coronavirus measures are a tool to transform the world, says Czech ex-president Klaus

Václav Klaus: “Mask-wearing people are, of course, people who welcome migrants, people who want the strengthening of the European Union and the rapid adoption of the euro”

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Czech Republic European Union France Germany Václav Klaus Commentary

Klaus: The French and the Germans quit on the EU

The treaty of Aachen is being prepared but its content is classified. It basically sets an alliance between the two European superelite countries, which is a clear sign that France and Germany renounce the EU. It means that creating an authentic European integration is too slow for them and that they are not going to consider those who are hindering it.

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Brexit Czech Republic European Union Václav Klaus News

Mr. Klaus, thank you for a dignified divorce with the Slovaks

Former president Václav Klaus, a controversial figure for many, is widely associated with Czech economic transformation. However, he will most likely be remembered for something else, the divorce of Czechoslovakia, which was in historical context unbelievably quiet and dignified.

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Brexit Czech Republic European Union Václav Klaus Commentary

Klaus: The EU wants to punish the UK for saying it’s not the best

Former president Václav Klaus shared his opinion on the previous year in an interview with ParlamentniListy.cz. Giving Hungary as an example, Klaus said that both the Czech Republic and the EU need politicians with clear minds and opinions. He also criticized the European Union for its behavior towards the UK.

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