Klaus: The EU is evil, it needs a revolution

Václav Klaus took European elites to task saying that they are creating a false demand for migrants. The EU is evil and the sooner the current form of European integration will be over the better, Klaus said in an interview for Czech Radio.

editor: REMIX NEWS

Former President Klaus is more worried about mass migration destroying the European “face” and culture than he fears terrorism. The massive influx of people from different civilizations is fatally changing Europe, as one can see in Western Europe. It is a destruction of Europe as we know it.

He claimed that European elites are trying to change Europe and water it down because they hate liberal and democratic Europe. Political, cultural and academic elites can’t stand the current status quo, Klaus added.

However, Klaus doesn’t believe there is an alternative to the EU and NATO. Thus, we must try to change these organizations in the image we desire. The AfD and alike are far from Klaus’ political ideal, but he agrees with them on the need for a change of European reality.

Klaus wishes that the Czech Republic would be among the countries strongly opposing mass migration. However, given the current situation, he remains doubtful it can happen. We are openly against quotas, but on the other hand we are luring foreign labor.


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