The left and ‘pirate’ movement must be stopped in upcoming Czech elections, says former President Klaus

Vaclav Klaus, A former Czech prime minister and president, speaks at a conference inaugurating a conservative new university in Warsaw, Poland, Friday, May 28, 2021. (AP Photo/Czarek Sokolowski)
By Lucie Ctverakova
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Former Czech President Václav Klaus will vote in the parliamentary elections for “those who resist the hopeless push to the left and to piracy [a reference to the Czech Pirate Party].” He said this on Monday in the 360° program on CNN Prima News but was not more specific about his choice. However, he praised the Freedom and Direct Democracy (SPD) and Tricolor movement for their attitude towards the European Union.

“I will vote for those who dare to resist the desperate and hopeless shift to the left and the piracy that is taking place in our country,” he said, expressing disapproval of the Pirate Party.

The former head of state spoke to the media shortly after being released from the Central Military Hospital for home treatment on Friday. Klaus had been hospitalized repeatedly due to high blood pressure problems.

He did not directly reveal to whom he would give his vote but noted that he was sure “for what” he will vote.

According to him, the “descent” into leftism has been going on for ten years.

He also called on the people not to vote for the Social Democrat Jana Maláčová. He does not like that Maláčová, as the minister of labor and social affairs, promises to increase the salary for various groups of the population, even though the country lacks money to support the increases.

“Every morning, Mrs. Maláčová wakes up and proposes to increase the money income for someone by a few tens of millions or billions, even though we do not have the money,” Klaus reprimanded the labor minister.

In general, the former president then criticized the attitude towards Covid-19, the “shift to the green mentality” and “gender-related nonsense.”

“We are on a tilted surface, but when I watch the campaign, only individuals prevent the descent,” said Klaus.

According to him, large political parties do not address the aforementioned topics.

The former president called the SPD and the Tricolor “meaningful parties” because they opposed the European Union. He said that the EU was a “tragic mistake of European development.” He added that if the Tricolor was still led by his son Václav Klaus Jr., he would have strongly supported it.

Klaus also commented on the criticism of Prime Minister Andrej Babiš during the election campaign and on his finances being published in the Pandora Papers project.

“In this, I can see a small analysis of the actual policies of his government and his person,” noted Klaus, who considers the reporting of the tax issues to be deliberate and long prepared by those opposed to Babiš.

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