Leading Czech politician hopes Hungary’s Orbán loses upcoming election, earns criticism from Klaus

With her words, Pekarová Adamová damages her country and confirms that immature, arrogant people do not belong in top state positions, says former Czech President Václav Klaus

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author: Echo24, jhr

Former Czech President Václav Klaus has called on the government to distance itself from Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies Markéta Pekarová Adamová. According to him, MPs should also expel her from the office. Klaus was ostensibly reacting to Pekarová Adamová’s statement about Hungarian Prime Viktor Orbán, which called for the Hungarian leader to be “expelled.”

“The Czechs have already expelled their Babiš. I really hope that the Hungarians will succeed as well. The distribution of political forces in Hungary is remotely similar to that of ours. The local opposition set aside its differences and joined forces against the populist government led by Viktor Orbán for many years. He does not hesitate to establish dubious ties with countries such as Russia and China, at the expense of his allies, including us,” the head of the Chamber of Deputies wrote on Facebook.

According to her, the European Union needs to be made up of democratic states, so the Hungarians should choose new leadership.

Václav Klaus responded to Pekarová Adamová’s comments via his institute, saying he considers her remarks outrageous and an unprecedented attack on Hungary’s highest constitutional official.

“Mrs. Pekarová, with her words damaging her own country and its foreign policy, confirms that immature, arrogant people do not belong in top state positions. She might have been allowed to say something like this as the head of a marginal political party, but she cannot say it as Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies,” the former president said on the institute’s website.

Klaus thinks that the government of Petr Fiala should distance itself from her words. Deputies should then remove her from power, added Klaus.

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