Václav Klaus: Merkel’s “We can do this” attitude is a tragic mistake of German migration policy

The old Continent has changed with mass migration

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: Václav Klaus

Time is flying by very fast, so we forget some things. Currently, our main worry is the coronavirus pandemic, even though some of us are more concerned about states abusing this pandemic to intensify their efforts to manipulate people. In addition to the coronavirus, we are also experiencing a period of denial and destruction of our history, values​​ and traditions by the Black Lives Matter movement and other similar excesses of today’s aggressive, so-called cultural revolution.

Only five years ago, which seems like a long time, Angela Merkel made her famous “We can do this” (Wir schaffen das) statement, by which she meant to successfully manage mass migration. We should not forget nor forgive Merkel for this statement. The end of the world did not come, but the old Continent has changed in many ways and not for the better.

Three years ago, I said in Frankfurt that we were witnessing the ongoing transformation of European society and the gradual destruction of European culture, traditions, and values, ​​with mass migration being used for this purpose. I consider all of this to be a threat to European civilization and culture, a threat to freedom and democracy, and a threat to European prosperity.

In Germany, I also dared to say that “migration and its far-reaching consequences for the future of European society were not being caused by migrants, but by European, especially German, politicians.” Even migrants are the victims of the thinking and ambitions of those who advocate for the “new world order.”

Angela Merkel’s statement radically changed our world and our daily lives. Did she suspect that would happen when she said that? Did she expect that would be the result? In any event, she should have told us the full truth and outlined the inevitable consequences of mass migration. She should have told us that we would be changed in the process, too. I wonder if changing us was not her intention, after all.

“To survive” does not equal “to manage”

With her statement, Merkel downplayed the consequences of mass migration. She suggested that nothing would happen to us, which was a false message. It was either a deliberate deception on her part or a tragic mistake. Or pure naivety?

What was her statement supposed to mean? That we would “only” finance mass migration without our lives and our lifestyle being changed in the slightest? Or did she mean to tell us that we must endure and suffer mass migration for the time being? After five years, it is clear that we have survived mass migration, which does not mean that we have managed it. The end of the world has not come, but many things have happened: There are visible changes in European society, a deterioration in the quality of life, a weakening of the importance of European values ​​and traditions, a radical restriction of our freedom.

We did not say clearly and loudly to our fellow citizens that an integral part of the so-called welcome culture is the rejection of our culture and civilization. Some of us have repeatedly pointed out this threat. Did we warn people loud enough? Clearly and understandably? Were we convincing? Have we used all of our options? Were we not a little lazy? Or were our chances in the era of political correctness hopelessly small? Was our helplessness that tremendous?

However, we should also examine Merkel´s statement from a different point of view. Who did she have in mind when she used the “we” pronoun. Who is “we”? Is it the German state, or possibly the Czech state, even though the Czech Republic never said it could do this? Or is it German society or the German people who can do this?

Unfortunately, the mass migration issue is not over, as its supporters are on the offensive, while most normal people remain on the defensive, which is a big and irresponsible mistake. When it comes to mass migration, we must say firmly: NO. We have to say that we cannot do this, mainly because we do not want to do it. And we do not want to do this because we know very well that the idea of ​​the organized multiculturalism from above is completely wrong.

Our opponents received unexpected help during the coronavirus pandemic, as the pandemic-related restriction of civil liberties will facilitate mass migration. 

A new version of the error

A few days ago, in the last week of August, the European Commission met to prepare a new migration pact. It met quietly and without fanfare. From what we know about this, it is clear that the debate in Brussels was neither about the causes of mass migration nor about ways to end it. The debate was about — I quote — “new solidarity mechanisms within the EU and a new level of responsibility for EU Member States.”

It was not about the substance, it was not about the phenomenon of mass migration. It was not about maintaining and defending our culture and civilization. Does this mean that we should prepare for the arrival of more migrants?

Title image: Václav Klaus (Dan Materna, MAFRA)


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