Slovaks view the past 100 years differently to Czechs

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While many world leaders visited Prague, in Bratislava only the French president came to visit. And the postmen had less work to do than their Czech colleagues. Prague is celebrating enthusiastically in a pompous way, no matter the quality of the politicians attending or talking about the events. At first glance the relative passivity appears as another Slovak short-sighted debacle, as if Slovakia was unable to value a century which elevated the country more than any era before.

It is sad, but it has to be respected, Slovak feelings are simply different. Czechoslovak isn’t the same as Slovak. The current state of Slovak nationhood is the result of leaving the common house. While the Czechs are celebrating under the same flag, Slovakia desired a different one, which is their own. The country hasn’t understood and neglected the concept of a political nation, it is not France or the United States. Maybe it is a bit provincial thinking, but this is how it is. Slovakia learned its lessons from the emergence of Czechoslovakia, but those are different from the ones told in Praha over the last few days.

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