Pellegrini: Uprising doubters belong in the dung pit of history

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“Twisting the history cannot be allowed and those who question the Slovak National Uprising belong in the dung pit of history,” said Prime Minister Peter Pellegrini.

On Wednesday, the country was remembering the 74th anniversary of the uprising. According to Pellegrini, those who don’t know what happened in 1944 are trying to rewrite history, which cannot be allowed. His statement was mostly related to Marian Kotleba and the far right party LSNS.

The Prime Minister greeted the inhabitants of the Banska Bystrica region for refusing these politicians in the last elections and addressed the result as a “small Slovak national uprising.”

Pellegrini thinks that nowadays it is hard to believe the terror of fascism and the threat of deporting or killing our own family. He pointed out that despite their fear, the Slovak people find courage to resist and take care of army men and partisans in the forests, looking after the sick and the weak. The Prime Minister believes that one can find places in every corner of Slovakia which proves that the nation cannot reconcile with poverty, oppression and grievance. “We will always defend our traditions, culture and values, we won’t allow anyone to trample our history like the fascists,” he said.

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