Hungarian Academy calls for regulation of alternative medicines

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The Hungarian Academy of Sciences has called for a regulation of alternative medical practices such as homeopathy, esoteric healing and bioenergetics, saying there is no proof that these are effective.

The Medical Sciences Department of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (MTA) issued a position paper in which it called for a comprehensive regulation of alternative medical practices, most of which are currently unregulated, Magyar Idők reports.

“Performing healing without any proof is a serious risk, but these activities are currently not regulated by professional or legal means in Hungary,” the MTA paper said.

Complementary healing practices such as homeopathy, esoteric healing, bioenergetics or detoxification should only be allowed if their effectiveness is proven and can cause no harm. While conventional medicine is required to only use such methods, alternative healing is not subject to any regulations, posing serious risks.

Some alternative practices border on quackery and are still allowed – or at least not prohibited – by law.

The Academy asks that medical professionals and the relevant ministry should work together on drafting comprehensive legislation. The paper also says that the term “complementary” should be used instead of “alternative”, as the latter can be misleading.

After a series of national and international studies proved that homeopathy is ineffective, the Semmelweis University discontinued its homeopathy program while the Hungarian Chamber of Stomatologists issued a statement that no university course in homeopathic dentistry will be accredited in Hungary.


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