Leader of Night Wolves fined

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Jozef Hambálek, the leader of the Slovak Night Wolves motorcycling gang connected with Russia was fined by the authorities. The businessman asked to pay the fine in small installments.

The 33,000 euro fine was connected to Hambálek equipping a former agricultural station with military accessories, including tanks. After pictures of the station went public, the Ministry of Economy started an investigation.

The Slovak authorities claim that Hambálek, who is also well-connected to former Minister of Interior Robert Kaliňák failed to fulfill his legal obligation to inform the authorities about the station and the stored mechanisms. The businessman was asked to pay his fine in installments.

Hambálek’s arsenal was partially provided by the Militaric History Institute, Miloslav Čaplovič, the head of the institute was removed from his function after the scandal. The organization claims that the tanks and armed vehicles were lent to the businessman and should be returned shortly. According to media information the equipment was used for military training by the Slovenski Branci, which is considered to be an independent paramilitary group.

The investigation found irregularities only regarding the administration of the former agricultural center, Hambálek did not break the law. The leader of the Night Wolves in Slovakia was also defended by police chief Milan Lučanský who claimed that he is providing help to the fire-fighters by remaking old, decommissioned vehicles.

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