Pellegrini: Bratislava to have one of the most modern stadiums in Europe

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Peter Pellegrini believes that Bratislava will soon build one of the most modern football stadiums in Europe.

However, Ivan Kmotrík, the chief of investments admitted that the costs and the demands are working out higher than expected.

He said the state contribution to the building operations will probably be raised due to the increased costs. The exact amount of difference between planned expenditure and the final price of the project is unknown, the developer expects it should not be higher than 12 million Euros.

Pellegrini claims the state is willing to reimburse the expenses. “We need to ask whether we are willing to have the most modern lighting system and infrastructure or we want something cheaper and older. If we are going to build a stadium, the visitors should admire it,” the prime minister said. In connection with the investment a new playground will be opened next to the stadium.

The new Slovak football stadium in Tehelné pole should be ready by the beginning of 2019. The construction began in September 2016, the initial price of the investment was set in range of 49 million EUR. The building consortium led by Strabag receives a state contribution of 27,2 million EUR at the end of the project.


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