Pellegrini agrees with voluntary forms of solidarity

The Slovak Prime Minister has no objection to the idea of Antonio Tajani, who thinks the states of the European Union could pay more for development projects in Africa instead of receiving immigrants.

editor: REMIX NEWS

During the recent European Union summit in Brussels, the President of the European Parliament suggested that member states who oppose the mandatory quotas for immigrants should pay more for development and immigration-related projects in Africa.

According to Pellegrini this is a very direct and different approach to previous suggestions, which included threatening countries with taking away funding for not accepting immigrants. “This is basically what the Slovak Republic already did. On the one hand we reject mandatory quotas but in line with the other countries of the Visegrad Four we are willing to provide more funding for Africa,” clarified the Prime Minister.

Pellegrini believes Tajani’s comments have logic, because a country should help the migration issue by providing some kind of assistance. “If we, as Slovakia, could do that with raising our contribution to Africa, I believe, we wouldn’t have any problem with it,” the politician said.


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