Cyber-attack hits Slovak Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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PM Pellegrini characterized the attack as a “sophisticated act of cybernetic espionage.” The source of the leak came from a foreign server, the incident was discovered by intelligence officials due to the suspicious behavior of the computer infrastructure in the ministry.

According to Miroslav Lajčák, Minister of Foreign Affairs, the hackers were not targeting classified information which is “communicated through secure channels.” Despite this fact it is probable that the attackers gained access to several documents stored on the servers and internal network of the ministry. It is unclear if any documents were leaked during the attack.

The Prime Minister was unwilling to specify the country of origin of the attackers, he believes the spy network is supranational and similar hacks happened in the Czech Republic, Germany and Great Britain. Pellegrini believes it is necessary to cooperate with other countries regarding the investigation of the case.

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