Most Czech think Brexit will hurt Czechia

About 67 percent think Brexit will harm the Czech Republic.

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: Czech News Agency

As the majority of respondents think that Brexit will hurt the Czech Republic, only four percent of respondents are convinced that the UK’s departure from the EU could benefit Czechia. The rest of the respondents either think that Brexit will have no consequences for the Czech Republic, or they dare not guess. According to the survey, nearly three-fifths of Czechs want the UK to remain in the European Union, while 12 percent of respondents support Brexit. Furthermore, about one-fifth of respondents do not care about Brexit.

According to the survey, more than half of Czechs think that the UK bears responsibility for the complications surrounding Brexit negotiations with the EU. On the contrary, less than one-fifth of respondents blame the European Union for the current state of affairs.

Overall, more than 70 percent of Czechs are interested in Brexit-related events. Interest in Brexit is the highest among the people who will be impacted by it the least.  About 90 percent of Czechs in the over 60 years of age group are interested in news related to Brexit. “This result corresponds with the data that we collect continuously as a part of a large-scale international survey,” said Michal Geisler from the Median survey agency. According to this international survey, it is safe to say that interest in international events increases with the age of respondents.


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