Serbia’s deputy PM repeats fake news about Polish women dying due to abortion ban

By Grzegorz Adamczyk
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Zorana Mihajlović, Serbia’s deputy prime minister, recently repeated anti-abortion rhetoric in which she claimed “restrictions on rights to have abortions are not only an assault against democracy but a direct threat to the lives and health of women.”

“What’s next?” Mihajlović asked. “Are we facing the same thing that happens in Poland where women are dying because they are not allowed to have abortions even if their lives are at risk?”

Mihajlović’s reasoning for repeating these false statements is due to her position as the head of government institutions for gender equality in Serbia. She publicly reacted to a display made by the Initiative for Banning Abortion which had organized a few informational stands in Belgrade.

The deputy prime minister had emphasized that the right to abortion was a personal right of every woman and a basic human right with which no one was allowed to interfere with.

Although the party to which she belongs declares itself as a conservative party, it is clear that Mihajlović clearly supports abortion. The true problem here, however, is that she is using fake news, which in the past was activated by the pro-abortion lobby in Poland.

This concerns the death of 30-year-old Izabela who was in the 22nd week of her pregnancy. Liberal-left types in Poland pinned the responsibility for her death on the Constitutional Tribunal’s verdict, which banned eugenic abortion.

The National Health Fund had carried out an inspection of the hospital in which the woman had died, and the conclusions of their report clearly pointed to negligence from the side of the doctors. The prosecutor’s office is also investigating her death.

It is a shocking fact that Serbia’s deputy prime minister in her official statements has been repeating false information about a country her government normally tries to maintain warm relations with.

Given the severity of this accusation — that the Polish state consciously permitted the death of one of its citizens — it would be normal to expect a verification of the accusation.

It seems that Mihajlović owes Poland and its citizens an apology.

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