Polish feminists demand abortion be legal until the end of pregnancy

By Grzegorz Adamczyk
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There is a feminist organization in Poland called “Girls for Girls” which openly supports the idea of abortion on-demand until the end of a pregnancy.

“If you are in favor of abortion but only until a certain stage of pregnancy, because ‘a fetus is a bit like a baby,’ then keep in mind that a pregnant person is a human all the way through. Fetuses do not have subjectivity. People have it,” the feminists wrote on Facebook.

A wave of outrage ensued on social media.

The majority of commentators could not believe that there were feminist organizations which openly supported the unrestricted murder of unborn children.

Unfortunately, the time has come for all of us to understand one thing; such an approach is not radical among feminist circles, it is becoming mainstream, and here is the evidence.

The international human rights defense organization Amnesty International published its amended position on abortion in September 2020. The organization modified its policy towards abortion which it called a “human right” and demanded that this “universal right” be accessible anywhere.

According to Amnesty, abortion is meant to be carried out “as early as possible and as late as is needed.”

The organization also explained which month of a pregnancy it is talking about on its website, where it responded to questions concerning its new policy and presented the concise version of its new approach.

When asked whether “abortion is a violation of the right to life,” Amnesty responded that “our policy is aligned with international human rights law, which is clear that human rights apply after birth, not before.”

The statement above entails that the organization’s goal is the defense of the right to abortion through its activities until birth.

Let’s not forget that we are speaking about a powerful organization which invests millions into promoting abortion all around the world. You can learn about their views on the matter of abortion yourself. It is a terrifying read.

Therefore, Polish feminists are not confused girls who have no idea what they’re talking about. They are simply repeating what they were taught by dominant propaganda on the topic backed by powerful financiers.

We must be aware of this.

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