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In an attempt to oust Orbán, Soros-backed NGOs are targeting Hungarian teachers for their votes

Less than three weeks before the elections on April 3, Hungarian teachers’ trade unions have called for an indefinite strike action. The strike was called by the Teacher’s Union (PSZ) and the Teachers’ Democratic Union (PDSZ), both known for their close ties with the Hungarian left-wing opposition. A similar strike in January was joined by […]
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1 YEAR AGOAmnesty International George Soros Israel News

Amnesty International accuses Israel of apartheid in report, but Israeli government labels allegations antisemitic

Amnesty International has released a nearly 300-page report outlining apartheid in Israel, but the Israeli Foreign Ministry accused Amnesty of “pouring oil on the fire of antisemitism” for its claim of Palestinian oppression within the country

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3 YEARS AGO George Soros Amnesty International Hungary LGBT Viktor Orbán News

Amnesty International and other Soros-backed NGOs accuse Orbán of homophobia and hate-mongering

“Hungary is a tolerant and patient country with regards to homosexuality, however, there is a red line that must not be crossed, and I will sum up my opinion henceforth: Leave our children alone!” said PM Viktor Orbán

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