Slovak trucker convoy forms to protest against rising fuel prices

Unlike Hungary or Poland, Slovakia has not introduced measures that would lead to cheaper fuels

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: Czech News Agency
Through the protest, Slovak carriers want to achieve, among other things, a reduction in excise taxes on fuels in Slovakia. (Markus Spiske/Pexels)

On Wednesday morning, several kilometers long convoys of trucks suddenly formed on the D2 motorway near the Czech-Slovakian border, the police tweeted. Slovak truckers are using the convoys to protest to make a number of demands, including a reduction in the excise tax on fuels.

Before the Břeclav-Kúty border crossing, a line of trucks began to form on Tuesday evening, when Slovak truckers blocked access to the highway from the parking lot where the vehicles had to enter due to pandemic measures.

Slovak truckers say if the government does not invite them to the negotiating table on Wednesday, they plan to block the main border crossings to Poland and Hungary. Stanislav Skala, chairman of The Slovak Union of Freight Carriers (UNAS), told reporters at the border on Tuesday evening.

Unlike Hungary and Poland, Slovakia has not introduced measures that would lead to, for example, cheaper fuel prices. Due to cheaper gas and diesel, many people from Slovakia have already started riding to gas stations in Poland to tank up.

UNAS and its partner organizations have called on the government to reduce the excise tax on fuel by 30 percent for half a year and are demanding the same step in the case of toll rates and road tax relief.

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