Poles reject same-sex marriages and more lenient abortion laws: Poll

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The vast majority of Poles are strictly against gay marriage, child adoption by LGBT couples and opposed to changing the country’s current abortion laws, according to a new survey by the Market and Social Research Institute (IBRiS).

The results of the survey could be a powerful blow to the Polish left.

There is overwhelming opposition to the idea of same-sex couples being permitted to adopt children, with 60 percent of Poles opposed, 13.1 percent saying “probably not” and only 11.3 percent saying they support it. Another 5.4 percent declared they would “probably” support it.

A staggering 64.6 percent of Poles declared opposition to same-sex marriage and only 27.2 percent said they support it.

Civil unions are not yet available in Poland, but In the case of civil unions for gay couples, 54.2 percent of Poles are against it and only 36 percent declared support.

Nearly 76 percent of Poles support civil unions for heterosexual couples.