The right to kill the unborn during the pandemic

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In Britain and France, it’s available on demand. In America, the abortionists from Planned Parenthood are growing ever bolder.

France has made abortions legal at any time during the pregnancy. The termination of pregnancy is possible under new legislation if the mother at any moment of her pregnancy “experiences psycho-social tension” — criteria which is impossible to verify.

That legislation removes any legal limit on abortions in France. Pro-life groups in France point out that abortion is therefore presented as a logical consequence of any problem with a pregnancy and that the French state has given up on any attempt to dissuade women from undergoing abortions. 

In the UK, women are dying after taking pregnancy-ending drugs because their use has been widely sanctioned during the pandemic. The tablets should only be used until the tenth week of a pregnancy but in reality they are used without any limits. These drugs are being issued like confetti by doctors over the telephone without a medical examination.

Planned Parenthood have admitted that they have been selling the aborted fetus body parts and the blood of the unborn too.

There are also reports that the sales are possibly being used to feed fashion brands’ anti-aging treatments. In a sign of what wealthy people are willing to spend to preserve their youth, companies like Ambrosia are selling blood transfusions from young people to elites with the claim that such a practice will help stop aging. We live in a world where the young are essentially being preyed upon, both the born and unborn.

Next time you see a celebrity looking incredibly young, just think on how they might have achieved their youthful looks.

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