Eugenic abortion is a major topic for Poland’s new parliament

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As the new term in the Sejm begins, a previous motion presented to the Constitutional Tribunal from Polish MPs to deem eugenic abortion as unconstitutional has expired, leaving several options that politicians will have to consider.

The first option is a return to working on the citizens’ initiative entitled “Stop Abortion”, which would legally forbid any permission for abortion of diseased and disabled children. This initiative was signed by a staggering 830,000 Polish citizens.

In contrast to motions submitted to the Constitutional Tribunal, citizens’ initiatives do not become invalid with the introduction of a new parliamentary term, which began this week.

The second option is another motion to the Constitutional Court regarding selective eugenic abortions.

There is also a third possibility which would be the least desirable, but may be necessary if nothing else works.

It concerns writing into the anti-abortion bill a mandate for the Minister of Health to publish two lists, one which would deal with disabilities and diseases where eugenic abortions were permitted while another list would forbid eugenic abortions for certain disabilities and diseases.