Swedish girls described as ‘whores’ by Somali community, according to police reports

In this Aug. 30, 2018 photo migrant girls from Africa run along their apartment house in Flen, some 100 km west of Stockholm, Sweden. (AP Photo/Michael Probst)
By Lucie Ctverakova
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Girls with a Somali background are not allowed to hang out with girls with a Swedish background because “the Swedish girls are described as whores,” by a large number of Sweden’s foreign-born population, according to a report from Swedish public broadcaster SVT Nyheter.

Widespread racism against ethnic Swedes in a Swedish neighborhood of Tjärna Ängar in Borlänge, which features a large concentration of Somali immigrants, was revealed in the Uppdrag granskning TV program. The program detailed the police reports in question for the first time.

“The local police describe that young Somali girls are not allowed to hang out with Swedish girls. The reason is that the Swedish girls are described as ‘whores’ based on their lives, including the style of their dress,” states the report called “Area document Tjärna Ängar 2019.”

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The Swedish television program had access to all reports that the Borlänge police have submitted to the National Operations Department (NOA) since 2015. These reports form the basis for Tjärna Ängar to be included in the list of “vulnerable areas.”

In the documentation, which extends until December 2021, the police give a detailed picture of what problems they see in the area.

In a police report from 2019, local police officers talked about “racism from foreign-born towards Swedish-born” and about a ban in certain circles on mixing with people of Swedish origin.

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Similar wording is included in the police’s area report from 2021. Police officers said that school staff testified that this attitude is also a problem in the school environment.

“I think it is parents who have prejudices. Everyone has prejudices. I believe that foreign-born parents have prejudices about the Swedish young people and that they then want to try in their own way to protect their daughters,” says local police officer Marie Edlund.

Does this mean they want them to be protected from Swedish girls who they describe as whores?

“Yes, I interpret it so, based on the information we heard then, that they talked about it in that way,” she confirmed.

Sweden, known for its progressive and open culture, has taken in immigrants from a range of third world countries with radically different cultures, especially in regards to women’s rights. Problems has arisen around female genital mutilation, sexual assault, and child marriages. More broadly, Sweden has experienced a drastic increase in crime rates, shootings, harassment, and murders in tandem with rising immigration numbers.

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