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NGOs are only part of Italy’s problem with illegal immigration

Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni’s track record on illegal immigration does not look very good. For the first quarter of this year, the number of arrivals by sea, at over 27,000, is now four times what it was a year ago. Meanwhile, a new survey published by Quarta Repubblica sounds like a warning call to the […]
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Italy, migrants elections Giorgia Meloni Illegal Immigration Italy Migrants Italy Remix Exclusive
8M AGOelections Giorgia Meloni Illegal Immigration Italy Migrants Italy Remix Exclusive

Italy still open to illegal immigration but things could change after Sept. 25 elections

With 900 migrants disembarked in 24 hours and more than 1,000 others waiting on NGO ships, Italians must feel like they have returned to the worst moments of 2015-17 when the governing left seemed totally powerless in the face of mass immigration from Africa

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Child abuse France migrant crime Migrants Sexual assault News Trending
11M AGOChild abuse France migrant crime Migrants Sexual assault News Trending

Afghan migrant jailed for sexual assaulting 9-year-old boy in France, already deported from Sweden in the past

“You have to consider the cultural difference and the psychological background,” the Afghan migrant’s attorney said. “Where he comes from, pornographic images on cell phones are common.”

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Baltic states Illegal Immigration Italy Migrants Poland European Union
1 YEAR AGOBaltic states Illegal Immigration Italy Migrants Poland European Union

Italy’s open borders policy makes a joke of Poles and Balts defending eastern flank

EU migration policy is dictated by the weakest links, with countries like Italy opening their ports to illegal immigrants en masse even as Poland and the Baltic states deploy thousands of troops in defense of their borders, writes Olivier Bault for Remix News

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