Romania: 2 Moroccan students arrested after lynching man with television cable at drunken party

The two perpetrators are in police custody and have been charged with murder

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The appartment bloc where the crime happened. (

Two Moroccan students have been arrested by Romanian authorities for allegedly strangling a young Tunisian man to death in the western city of Arad on Thursday night, local news portal reports.

The police descended on the neighborhood on Friday morning and picked up two foreign nationals for the attack that took place late on Thursday evening or the early hours of Friday. The suspects allegedly beat the 32-year-old victim before stringing him up by the neck with a television cable. Local reports suggest the suspects were probably under the influence of alcohol and narcotics.

Following the call made by one of the students to 112, the police arrived at the scene. Immediately after, an ambulance crew was called, but it was too late for the young Tunisian student. Along with local police, a forensic team also arrived at the crime scene. One of the perpetrators allegedly even took pictures of the hanging.

On Friday morning, the two young Moroccan nationals were detained and later placed in preventive arrest. On Saturday, the rights and freedoms judge of the Arad Court ordered their arrest for a period of 30 days. The two defendants, Belyazid Mehdi and Fqiyah Aymen, aged 20 and 21, are both Moroccan citizens studying in Arad. They were arrested on suspicion of murder, following the evidence discovered by the judicial police. The victim, Ben Souissi Mohamed Ridha, was 32 years old and was also a student in Arad.

The two Moroccans will remain in pre-trial detention until at least Sept. 4.

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