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Austria’s Kurz: Afghans ‘must not go to Europe’

While liberal-establishment politicians continue to embrace resettlement claims for tens of thousands of Afghans within the European Union, Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz made it abundantly clear where he stands, calling for the bloc to do everything in its power to keep Afghans out. Chancellor Kurz, who heads Austria’s center-right Austrian People’s Party (ÖVP), doubled down […]
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Alternative for Germany Asylum Seekers German Taxpayers Merkel Afghanistan Germany News

German government quietly flying in asylum seekers by the thousands, at taxpayers’ expense

The German government has been quietly flying an increasing number of asylum seekers into the country in recent years, a request from the Alternative for Germany’s (AfD) parliamentary group has shown

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Arlanda Airport Convicted Criminals Deportees Kabul Re-entry Ban Sweden Afghanistan News

Sweden: Expelled criminal Afghans arrive in Stockholm after boarding evacuation flight in Kabul

Two Afghan convicts who were previously deported and banned from re-entering Sweden are back in the country after they managed to board an evacuation flight out of Kabul

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Afghanistan Aslyum Seekers Crime Statistics EU Netherlands Protests Ylva Johansson Afghanistan News

Netherlands: Citizens protest after liberal government transports 800 Afghans into small village

Outraged residents of a small village in the Netherlands held a major protest last week to voice their opposition to the sudden and unexpected arrival of hundreds of Afghans

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Evacuations Islamic State Kabul Airport Suicide Bombings US Afghanistan News

Bloodbath at Kabul Airport: 70 dead, including 13 US troops; 150 wounded in ISIS bombings

At least 70 people, including a dozen U.S. service members, were killed on Thursday when Islamic State militants detonated two bombs that ripped through crowds outside of the American-controlled airport in Kabul, Pentagon officials said.

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