Germany: Afghan migrant stabs Ukrainian refugee woman in Frankfurt park, leaving her seriously wounded

She fled the war in Ukraine only to get stabbed for no reason in Germany by an Afghan migrant

By John Cody
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A 19-year-old Afghan migrant has brutally stabbed a Ukrainian refugee woman who was sitting on a park bench in Frankfurt, resulting in serious injuries to the 41-year-old woman.

The victim was stabbed in her head, neck and in her behind with a box cutter, according to the public prosecutor. She was able to flee the scene, but then stumbled onto the ground a few meters away from the bench, at which point the Afghan man continued to stab her while she laid on the ground.

Witnesses rushed to help the woman, at which point the attacker fled the scene. The police searched the area and found the Afghan, identified as Mohammad Zaman A., hiding in a bush nearby. He was arrested and charged with attempted murder and other offenses. The weapon used in the attack was found in his possession, according to police.

Witnesses applied first-aid to the victim, and she was transported to the hospital with severe injuries.

“The civil courage of the passers-by is particularly worthy of praise. This and the excellent police work led to the quick arrest of the suspect, which may have prevented something worse from happening,” said Senior Public Prosecutor Dominik Mies.

At this time, it remains unclear why he targeted the woman.

As Bild newspaper reported, the woman fled to Germany due to the outbreak of war in Ukraine.

Germany has seen a dramatic rise in violent crime due to mass immigration, with foreigners responsible for 41 percent of all crime in 2023, a record high. Furthermore, there were 8,951 injuries due to knife attacks in 2023, up dramatically from 7,071 in 2021. There was.a record amount of violent crime in 2023, with foreigners responsible for 6 in 10 attacks.

The stabbing attack follows a wave of rapes and assaults directed against Ukrainian refugees, who, compared to other migrant groups from North Africa and the Middle East, have far lower crime rates.

Notably, a Ukrainian refugee teen basketball player was stabbed to death by a gang of Arabs “just for being Ukrainian earlier this year.

In 2022, a Jordanian migrant stabbed a 21-year-old Ukrainian refugee woman and then went on calmly to eat bratwurst and French fries after the attack.

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