Germany: Migrant from Jordan stabs 21-year-old Ukrainian female refugee and then goes to ‘calmly’ eat French fries and bratwurst

Jordanian murder suspect identified as Shadi B. (German Police)
By Dénes Albert
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A Jordanian migrant identified as Shadi B. stabbed 21-year-old Ukrainian refugee Alina and then went to go eat bratwurst and French fries after the murder, according to police.

Both individuals knew each other and were staying at the same refugee shelter in the Bavarian ski resort of Garmisch-Partenkirchen.

Alina was walking to a hotel where she works as a chambermaid when Shadi B. stabbed her in the entrance to the refugee shelter, severely wounding her, German tabloid Bild reports.

Shadi B. arrived in Germany in 2019 and has no job, whereas Alina has been in Germany for only seven months, but already secured employment at a local hotel working as a maid.

After the brutal stabbing, the Jordanian migrant fled the scene on a silver bicycle, and a large police operation ensued to apprehend him. Only once a photo of the suspect was released did the police receive the tips they needed to make an arrest.

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The owner of the Alpspitz restaurant, Andrew Syme, read about the police manhunt on the web that evening and recognized Shadi B., who had come into the Mountain Inn restaurant shortly after the stabbing and ordered bratwurst and fries for €9.20.

“He had caught my eye because of the strange order so early in the morning,” the host told Bild.

In “the afternoon around 3 p.m., the young man came again and ordered bratwurst again,” he said. “That was strange, but we didn’t think anything more of it.”

When the innkeeper ended his day, the young man was still hanging around at the Alpspitzbahn mountain station.

“When I recognized him later on the Internet, I naturally informed the police.”

Police officers arrived on scene and found the suspect hiding in a storage room or blankets, who then gave himself up without a fight.

Syme said in response to the stabbing and arrest, “We are in shock. If you imagine that he almost killed a woman and then sits calmly in our restaurant.”

As of yet, there is no clear motive for why the Jordanian migrant attacked the Ukrainian.

Ukrainians have often been the victims of migrants from other countries in Germany, including an Afghan security guard who was arrested for sexually abusing two Ukrainian girls aged 6 and 7 in a refugee center. In addition, an 18-year-old Ukrainian refugee was raped by two migrants in the German city of Düsseldorf. In Sweden, Ukrainian women were warned not to dress in a way that could provoke Muslim men.

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