VIDEO: Migrants attack Hungarian border guards with ladders, sticks and slingshots

Migrants assaulting the fence on the Hungarian-Serbian border. (source:
By Dénes Albert
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Hungarian authorities published footage of a group of migrants assaulting the three-meter high fence on the border with Serbia, as they attempted to cross illegally into the country.

The seven-minute long video posted on Sunday shows individuals, equipped with ladders, attempting to scale the border fence as Hungarian authorities arrive on the scene.

Sticks, rocks, and other articles can be seen being launched at the border officials who defend themselves with riot shields.

Migrants assaulting the border fence near Röszke on the Serbian-Hungarian border. (source:

At one point in the footage, one migrant perched at the top of a ladder uses another ladder to assault one of the responding officers who is forced to retreat. At a later point, one individual can be seen using a slingshot to fire stones at authorities.

According to the latest summary from the Hungarian Police, officers stopped 187 migrants on Sunday alone from illegally crossing the border.

The largest contingent of arrests was made in Csongrád-Csanád county, in the south of the country on the Serbian border.

“During their inspections, the detained illegal migrants declared themselves to be citizens of Afghanistan, India, Syria, Iraq, Turkey, Kosovo, Morocco, Somalia, Albania and Libya, but could not provide credible proof of their identity or the legality of their stay in Hungary,” the report read.

“Police escorted them back to the temporary security border in accordance with current Hungarian law.”

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