The EU’s migration pact is ‘a recipe for European suicide,’ says Polish MEP

By Grzegorz Adamczyk
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The former head of Polish diplomacy, Witold Waszczykowski, admits that French police brutality may have played a role in inflaming the troubles engulfing France. However, he feels nothing can condone the level of violence France is experiencing. He asserted that this violence is coming from the immigrant communities that have failed to assimilate in France and who reject French law and culture. 

In an interview with conservative news outlet, Waszczykowski said that Poland should learn a lesson from the riots in France.

“If migrants from Africa, from the old French colonies, reject a culture they are familiar with, then how would they react to a culture they had no experience or knowledge of, such as that of Poland’s?” asks Waszczykowski. There would practically be no chance of them assimilating, and Poland would be importing people who were permanently alienated, frustrated, and in constant need of welfare support, he added.

Waszczykowski said he completely rejects the argument that the riots are not linked to migration. The reality is that the violence is coming from the migrant communities and their ghettos. He said that these are people who came to France for a better life and were given welfare, freedom and the ability to practice their religion and culture freely. However, they always want more, and a large segment of this population is susceptible to radicalization. 

The former foreign minister said he is convinced that Poland should avoid the mistakes made by the colonial powers. He hopes that conservative governments in Italy, Sweden and Czechia will in the end join Poland and Hungary in pressing for a different approach to migration than that offered in the EU’s migration pact. 

While recognizing the financial pressures on southern Europe, Waszczykowski warns that attempting to resolve the migration crisis by encouraging more waves of migration, which are then dispersed throughout Europe, will only encourage people smugglers and is “a recipe for European suicide.”

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