‘Polish policy, beautiful’ – Australian Muslim influencer praises Poland’s strict migration policies, says the West imported ‘garbage’ who don’t want to work

Source: Twitter, video picture grab.
By Grzegorz Adamczyk
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The Polish government has reiterated its stance against the proposed compulsory relocation of migrants in the EU. That stance was approved in the autumn of last year by the Australian Muslim influencer Mohammad Tawhidi, who also criticized Western governments for making mistakes over their approach to the migration crisis. 

Commenting on the migration issue, Tawhidi challenged Western countries and said that the crisis was of their own making. “You are in a crisis. You went to the Muslim countries, and you imported the garbage that the Muslim countries wanted to put in prison or isolate away from society. You went and you imported them. Why? For cheap labor. But these Islamic extremists, they don’t want to work, they want free welfare. They want to marry French women with blond hair and blue eyes. They don’t have time for work,” he said. 

According to Polish state media outlet TVP.info, Tawhidi voiced his support for Poland ‘s sensible approach towards migration.

“Look at Poland, they don’t complain about Islamic extremism. Not a single terrorist attack in Poland. The moment they sense there’s a problem, they crack down on it. Polish policy, beautiful. The French? No, come (they tell the migrants),” explained the imam.

Although terror attacks have significantly abated in France, the country has seen some of the worst attacks in all of Europe related to Islamic extremism.

Over 250 people have been killed in terrorist attacks in France since just 2015, which was also the same year Hervé Cornara was beheaded by an Islamic terrorist.

Just this year, French Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin asked the U.S. government for greater intelligence sharing and warned of a resurgence in Islamic terrorist threats in Europe ahead of France hosting global sporting events in the coming year.

Many attacks have also been foiled. France remained the EU member state with the most arrests made on its soil for suspected jihadist terrorist offenses in 2021. Of the total 260 arrests across the bloc, 96 were conducted in France, with Spain and Germany trailing in its wake with 39 and 24, respectively.

Now, the EU Migration Pact has been adopted by the EU interior ministers, with only Poland and Hungary voting against the measure. Countries that reject mandatory migrant relocations will face a €20,000 fine for every migrant they reject, which could quickly add up to billions.

Poland has rejected the deal and demands that it should be considered by the full European Council summit where decisions have to be taken unanimously. 

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