Swedish police: Illegal Afghan migrant raped woman then threw her down a mine shaft

By John Cody
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Swedish police have arrested a man in his 40s from Afghanistan on suspicion of raping a woman in Norberg before pushing her down a mine shaft, according to local news.

Samnytt.se reported the suspect most likely arrived in Sweden during the refugee crisis in 2015, however he remained in the country following the expiration of his residence permit and never returned to his homeland, once again highlighting Europe’s notoriously ineffective deportation mechanisms.

The suspect has been named in the Swedish press as 41-year-old Mohamad Amini, however his identity has not been officially confirmed by Swedish authorities who have not yet been able to clarify where he comes from, although indications point strongly towards an Afghan origin. The man apparently has three children but is not married.

Amini reportedly desired to marry his victim, but when she rejected him, he took revenge.

“She has been lucky. There was a little snow at the bottom of the hole that she may have landed on that, which may have dampened the fall. But it is still a big drop. It usually does not end so well when you fall from 20 meters,” said Lars Johansson, a leader at the rescue service in Avesta.

The woman was lifted out of the mine shaft by helicopter. As of now, it is unclear how long she had been lying inside the mine, but a passerby heard cries for help coming from down the shaft while he was out hiking with his children.

A repeat offender

Courts have previously convicted Amini of multiple crimes, with his first case dating back to 2019. It was only after his first round through the courts that he even received any sort of public record that he was even living in Sweden. Previously, he had not been registered in any database in the country despite supposedly living there for years.

He was then twice convicted for illegal driving and once for a minor drug offenses. Each time, the penalty was a mere fine. Sweden is well known for its leniency towards criminal migrants and criminals in general, and deportation is rare.

In one case from 2021, a convicted Syrian rapist actually earned €80,000 in court damages when judges agreed he was too young to have served actual prison time. In another case from 2020, a Syrian migrant who raped a 12-year-old girl was given “gender talks” and served no prison time. In total, he received 150 hours of youth counseling, which involved ten conversations over three months on relationships, gender norms, emotions, the “Pyramid of Violence,” and other such topics.

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