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Only 21% of EU’s rejected migrants actually deported in 2022, pro-migration commissioner urges more deportations

The European Union is pushing for countries to deport more migrants who are deemed ineligible to stay in the bloc, with a top commissioner noting that only 21 percent of such migrants are actually sent home. During a news conference on Tuesday at the European Parliament in Strasbourg, EU Home Affairs Commissioner Ylva Johansson, who […]
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France illegal migrants migrant crime Nantes France Migrant crisis Remix Exclusive
2 WEEKS AGOFrance illegal migrants migrant crime Nantes France Migrant crisis Remix Exclusive

A tale of two French cities: Nantes before 10 years of pro-immigration socialism and Nantes today

Nantes was an “extremely peaceful” provincial city a decade ago, but now it is riddled with crime and violence, with illegal immigrants alone accounting for over half of the crimes committed on its streets

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Child abuse France migrant crime Migrants Sexual assault News Trending
11M AGOChild abuse France migrant crime Migrants Sexual assault News Trending

Afghan migrant jailed for sexual assaulting 9-year-old boy in France, already deported from Sweden in the past

“You have to consider the cultural difference and the psychological background,” the Afghan migrant’s attorney said. “Where he comes from, pornographic images on cell phones are common.”

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