Germany: Foreigners responsible for 100% of serious sexual assault cases in Frankfurt, 57.4% of all crimes

By John Cody
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The new crime statistics from the German city of Frankfurt contain shocking figures regarding foreigners and major crimes, including one particular figure that shows they are responsible for 100 percent of all serious sexual assault crimes and 57.4 percent of all crimes.

The data shows that even for the worst crimes, well over half of all suspects are foreigners — those without a German passport. The rest of the suspects, 42.6 percent, are German citizens, but it is important to note that the data does not track whether these German suspects have a migration background, as Germany does not record this data.

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When it comes to crimes against life, 54 percent of cases of murder were committed by foreigners, while they were responsible for 64.8 percent of cases involving manslaughter.

Sexual crimes

When it comes to serious sexual crimes, foreigners are also vastly overrepresented, with the data showing they were also responsible for 64.1 percent of all rape cases. In one of the most extreme data points from the new statistics, foreigners were responsible for 100 percent of serious sexual assault cases.

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In cases of sexual harassment, foreigners were responsible for 64.4 percent of cases, while foreigners were responsible for 57.1 percent of cases involving abuse of minors

Responding to the crime statistics, Police Chief Stefan Müller said: “The fuse in conflicts is short, and mutual respect is increasingly being lost. People are prepared to get into physical confrontations very early on.”

Robbery, theft and trafficking

Foreigners were also vastly overrepresented in robbery cases, including 65.5 percent of robberies, 75.6 percent of aggravated robbery, 93 percent of car thefts, 87.5 percent of handbag thefts, 93 percent of pickpocketing cases, 87.5 of violent burglaries, 80 percent of daytime burglaries, and 72.9 percent of street thefts.

Foreigners also committed 75 percent of money counterfeiting crimes, and 62.5 percent of sexual blackmail cases.

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Foreigners were additionally responsible for 83.3 percent of human trafficking cases and the same amount of forced prostitution cases.

A police spokesman for Frankfurt told Germany’s Bild newspaper: “We have the airport here. This is a gateway. If we exclude the violations of immigration law from the statistics, we have a proportion of 57.4 percent of non-German suspects.” This number is far above the national average of 35 percent.

Frankfurt has a higher proportion of foreigners than the rest of Germany, but as a result, it may showcase what awaits the rest of Germany should the foreign population continue to grow. It is also not the only state experiencing this troubling development.

Nationwide and state-level trend

Federal crime statistics also show that foreigners are vastly overrepresented in serious crimes such as murder, rape, robbery, and assault.

And last week, Bavarian Interior Minister Joachim Herrmann stated that foreigners are responsible for a vastly higher share of crime compared to their share of the population.

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“We will not accept the increase in crime, even if it is a nationwide trend for which foreigners and immigrants are particularly responsible,” Herrmann said in a press release on Monday last week. “The crime statistics make it clear that uncontrolled immigration also has a negative impact on the security situation.”

“It is particularly important to take those foreigners who pose a threat to public safety out of the country as quickly as possible after serving their sentence. In addition, we finally need a fundamental change of course in asylum policy and, above all, an effective containment of illegal migration,” he added.

In regard to sexual assault and rape, women are increasingly victimized in Germany due to mass immigration. Data released earlier this year shows that 8,590 women and men were raped or sexually assaulted by foreigners since 2015.

Responding to the data, Christian Democrat (CDU) MP Christoph de Vries, who is also a member of the Interior Committee, said: “It is obvious that the risk of women becoming victims of rape or other sexual offenses in Germany has increased significantly in recent years due to asylum migration from Arab and Maghreb countries.”

The co-chair of the Alternative for Germany (AfD), Alice Weidel, told the NZZ that the numbers are “unbelievable” and that “behind every case there is a terrible personal fate.”

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