Afghan migrant who sexually assaulted 3 teen girls in 4 days says he arrived in France ‘for a better life’

By John Cody
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A 44-year-old Afghan migrant who sexually assaulted three young French women in four days in the city of Douai has been sentenced to prison.

The assaults occurred just at the end of last year, taking place between Jan. 9 and 13, 2022. Three teen women were targeted, Léonie, Amélie and Nadine, who were between the ages of 15 and 17.

The convicted person, only identified as HA, reportedly said, “No problem,” in English to all three girls before sexually assaulting them.

“I wouldn’t have cried for help, something would have happened to me. It was shocking,” said Nadine. She said during the trial that she asked herself at the time why he was dragging her to the bushes before the sexual assault occurred, according to French news media outlet La Voix du Nord.

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HA could only answer questions through an interpreter during the trial. All he said in response to Nadine’s testimony was: “Honestly, I don’t remember anymore.”

HA claimed that he could not remember any of the other cases either regarding the other two girls, Léonie and Amélie.

For Léonie, her case began when she was harassed on the bus by HA, who then followed and assaulted her on the street. A few days earlier, on Jan. 9, Amélie was sexually assaulted.

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On the same day that Léonie filed her complaint with the police for the assault, police arrested HA thanks to a witness who had already come forward regarding the case of Nadine.

The Afghan migrant had already been sentenced to prison during his short stay in France for a domestic violence case. HA had arrived in France with his wife and four children, reportedly for “a better life.”

The prosecution in the case only sought 12 months in prison for the suspect, but HA was sentenced to 18 months in prison, 12 of which were suspended for probation during which he had to wear an electronic bracelet. The man is likely to serve only a few months in prison for the sexual assault of the three girls.

Based on past data on deportations, it is unlikely that HA will be sent back to Afghanistan.

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