Germany: Syrian migrant who severely injured police officer is already released

A 60-year-old police officer fights for his life after being attacked by a Syrian in Greifswald. (Shutterstock)
By Kristýna Čtvrtlíková
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A 60-year-old police officer fights for his life after being attacked by a Syrian in Greifswald, Germany. Despite the severity of the crime, the judiciary has already released the perpetrator.

There are also claims that Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania Interior Minister Christian Pegel is trying to hide the foreigner’s nationality and residence status, according to German news outlet Junge Freiheit.

On Sunday, the 24-year-old Syrian insulted police officers in front of a nightclub and subsequently attacked them. He allegedly pushed a 60-year-old officer so hard that he fell over and hit his head on the street, resulting in a serious injury. After an emergency operation in the University Hospital of Greifswald, he must continue to be treated in intensive care.

The officers charged him with resisting arrest and assault; however, the police confirmed that after the man’s personal data was recorded, he was released from custody. Interior Minister Spiegel spoke about the seriously injured officer but did not name the perpetrator’s nationality.

Following criticism over the fact that he did not mention the background of the perpetrator, a spokeswoman for Pegel said, “For Mr. Pegel, the act is, as his statement should indicate, disgusting, regardless of the perpetrator’s nationality.”

“If he were German, British, Russian, or Afghan, nothing would change in the statement, including the fact that the nationality was not mentioned,” the spokeswoman added.

In a press release, police have since published the nationality of the perpetrator.

The Ministry of the Interior did not answer the question of what residence status the man has and how he came to Germany. For AfD parliamentary group leader Nikolaus Kramer, this is quite significant because it has to be clarified “whether a deportation could have prevented a serious criminal offense once again.”

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