Afghan migrant arrested for attempted rape of underage Hungarian girl in Budapest

The perpetrator has protected status in Hungary, but he may lose it if found guilty

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: Mandiner
Handcuffs (illustration)

For the second time in two years, an Afghan man tried to rape a Hungarian girl in Budapest, according to police. The Budapest Police Headquarters is conducting proceedings for the crime of sexual abuse against a minor who is over 14 years of age but under 18.

The sexual abuse case took place last week in the service room of a restaurant in downtown Budapest. Daily Magyar Nemzet reported that on the morning of Sept. 1, in the washroom of a fast food restaurant in the 5th district, a young man working there began to violently grope a 17-year-old girl from behind who also worked there.

The paper says that despite the woman’s objections, the Afghan man attempted to violently take off the victim’s clothes. The girl was saved by the fact that their boss opened the door to the room. The downtown police arrested the 23-year-old Afghan citizen, who was in Hungary as a protected person — a status just short of refugee — in the restaurant.

The man denied committing the crime, saying he was just “tickling” his colleague; however, the 5th district police took him into custody and initiated his arrest. If foreigners with protected or refugee status commit a crime, the secret services (Constitutional Protection Office) and the National Directorate General of Immigration will review the refugee status and in most cases revoke it.

The sentence of the previous Afghan sex offender, Sarhadi Bilal Ahmad, was recently increased to six years and eight months in prison for sexual violence and other sexual crimes by the Capital District Court as the second-instance court.

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