Asylum seeker doused three female government workers with gasoline, threatened to light them on fire

The asylum seeker had demanded accommodation in a single room and been denied

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: John Cody

In the German town of Dormagen in North Rhine-Westphalia, an asylum seeker poured gasoline on city officials and threatened to set them on fire. Colleagues of the female victims were able to overpower the Azerbaijani migrant and hand him over to the police.

The 28-year-old had previously handed over a letter to workers at the asylum center. In it, the resident of an asylum accommodation requested that he be placed in a single room away from others roommates, writing that otherwise he would take his own life.

The man had already been arrested for crimes in the past, said a police spokesman to Junge Freiheit. The migrant has since been admitted specialist psychiatric clinic. A preliminary drug test revealed evidence of cannabis use, and a small amount of drugs was also found on the man.

In the incident, three employees of the city administration suffered minor injuries due to irritation of the eyes and respiratory tract.

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