Army should guard Austria’s border with Czechia and Slovakia, says right-wing Freedom Party

The FPÖ party also demands a security guarantee

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: John Cody

Austria’s army should guard the southern border that the country shares with the Czech Republic and Slovakia, and also provide guarantees that no police stations will close in the region, according to a proposal from the Freedom Party of Austria (FPÖ).

The FPÖ is currently looking to work on a deal with the turquoise-green government program at a meeting in Langenlois in the Krems district. 

“What will happen in Lower Austria is difficult to say,” reported the regional party chairman, Udo Landbauer, who criticized the vagueness and insufficient security provisions in the new border plan, according to

Illegal migration remains one of the most important issues as the number of newly arriving migrants is not decreasing, but on the contrary, it continues to grow.

“By the beginning of February, there were already more than 380 attacks by illegal immigrants in Lower Austria,” said Landbauer and gave examples from the Bruck and Mistelbach districts. 

To prevent this from happening, Landbauer calls for the armed forces to work as an assistance based on the Burgenland model. According to the FPÖ boss, the border with the Czech Republic and Slovakia should be monitored in cooperation with the police.

The responsibility of Austrian soldiers should include preventing migrants from crossing the border, and in the case that they cross, they should be involved in identifying and detaining migrants and then handing them over to the police. 

“It must be clear to all smugglers and promoters of illegal migration that their schemes end at the border with Lower Austria,” said Landbauer, who sees the assistance mission as an effective and meaningful task for military service. 

He noted that “440 soldiers are deployed in neighboring Burgenland, 220 of whom are basic military servants”, and emphasized that this would also be feasible for all of Lower Austria. 

At the same time, the FPÖ demands a so-called security guarantee. The party wants to demand confirmation that no police stations in Lower Austria will be closed. 

In addition, an evaluation should show where additional police posts near crime hotspots would be necessary. Landbauer also wants a location guarantee for barracks. 

“We will discuss it with the state parliament and give the Austrian People’s Party (ÖVP) the opportunity to decide on this security guarantee for Lower Austria together with us.

“The barracks are also necessary in the event of a blackout,“ added Landbauer.


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