The UK’s plan to return dozens of illegal migrants to France ends in shambles after ‘leftie lawyers’ legal trick results in only one going back

The deportation of the migrants cost taxpayers about €110,000

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author: John Cody

The planned deportation of 30 migrants from Great Britain to France ended on Thursday last week in a fiasco. Only one of them ended up on a plane as lawyers managed to at least delay the deportation of the others at the last minute.

According to sources from the British Home Office, lawyers waited until the last possible moment to prevent the deportation of migrants back to France, which is where they entered the UK via the English Channel. In 18 cases, for example, the lawyers raised the issue of human rights.

The dispatched plane, which flew from an unspecified British airport to France, cost taxpayers about 100,000 pounds (€110,000). Onboard, there was only one passenger, who was originally from Sudan, according to Czech news portal

Among the migrants who did not get on the plane were also nationals from Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Kuwait, and Yemen. 

Following the news, the British Daily Mail recalled the words of Home Secretary Priti Patel, who vowed to fix the “broken” asylum system. She is now drawing up new legislation to streamline the asylum process after she says “leftie lawyers” used various legal maneuvers to exploit loopholes in the system. 

Lawyers, mostly those who work for activist movements, deliberately try to slow down and disrupt the deportation of illegal migrants back to their countries of origin through such tactics. For five migrants who were supposed to be on the flight, it was the second postponed deportation.

According to the Dublin Regulation, only one EU member state, which in this case is France, should decide on granting the asylum to refugees.

The current legal system in the UK allows lawyers to object at any stage of the case, which often leads to deliberate delays in deportations. Home Secretary Patel has already suggested that filling in objections should be allowed only when the case is opened.

Record numbers of migrants have reached the UK over the last year. Brexit party leader Nigel Farage has documented the British Navy’s involvement in transporting illegal migrants to British shores. Due to public outrage, the UK government has put the pressure on France to stop migrants from leaving its territory, but many continue to arrive. 

The deportation of illegal migrants, most of whom arrive in the UK by boat, has been made more difficult due to the coronavirus pandemic, which has suspended many processes. Nearly 60,000 people stay in cheap hotels and other asylum accommodations across the UK and about 1,200 of them are awaiting deportation after their asylum requests were rejected.

In the UK, asylum seekers are entitled to 37.75 pounds (€42) a week for food and necessities.

Title image: A group of people thought to be migrants run from an inflatable boat at Kingsdown beach where they arrived after crossing the English Channel, near Dover, Kent, England, Monday, Sept. 14, 2020. (Gareth Fuller/PA via AP)


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