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Denmark continues strict immigration policies, and Danes are supportive

EU immigration and border control are on the agenda of the European…

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UK reports the most migrants arriving on boats in a single day

On Monday, at least 430 migrants crossed the English Channel to reach…

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UK to introduce draconian punishments for illegal migrants and human smugglers

Western sanctions compared to German invasion of USSR

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EU expresses anger after Denmark approves proposal to send migrants to third countries

According to Paris, it is preventive and temporary measure

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Denmark wants to send asylum seekers to Africa

The diplomatic note will take effect on May 15

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Is the new EU migration pact a backdoor for settling migrants in countries like Czechia, Hungary and Poland?

The African man raped ten different women, with the prosecutor saying the…

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‘No more migrants’ – Sweden changes its asylum policy

Such words as 'foreigner' and 'asylum seeker' are, according to a new…

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