‘Migrants are a threat to Croatia, send the army to the border!’ – Croatian commentator calls for military intervention to stop migrant crisis

By Grzegorz Adamczyk
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After Croatia’s interior minister warned that there has been an influx of 170,000 migrants during a recent press conference, one notable Croatian journalist is calling for Croatia to deploy its army to the border.

In Ivica Sola’s article entitled “Minster, please send troops to the border,” he writes that the country’s interior minister, Davor Bozinović, should send Croatian soldiers to the borders with Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia.

Not long after the interior minister’s press conference, an incident took place in which around 100 illegal migrants stormed onto a train on the Zagreb-Split line.

Sola’s article begins with a reminder that there are already several tens of thousands of migrants from India and Nepal working legally in Croatia. He wrote that he recognizes that migration for work is unavoidable in Croatia’s demographic situation, but illegal migration is a threat to security and not a question of human rights. He called it an invasion by young, fighting-age men in their prime, and the country knows little about them, often not even knowing their real name or country of origin. He also warns that there could be jihadist fighters among them. 

The commentator argues that looking at migration purely through a humanitarian lens, rather than a security one, is risky and is due to those who want to pursue the global population displacement concept known as the Great Replacement.

Western countries are increasingly under pressure over illegal migration. In France and elsewhere, it is proving costly because of soaring social benefits as well as the increase in the crime rate it has brought. 

He also cites the example of Denmark where the socialist government has pursued a strategy to stop illegal migration. This may lead to countries such as Croatia becoming a destination for illegal migrants when Western countries shut their borders despite Schengen. 

Sola also notes that Russian President Vladimir Putin, who is behind coups in Africa, is also using migration as a weapon in the hybrid war to destabilize the EU. This is exactly what happened on the border between Poland and Belarus. 

‘This is why we must defend ourselves because no one else will do it for us. Minister Bozinović, send the troops to our borders!” concludes Ivica Sola.

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