Riots to celebrate Morocco’s victory: A taste of things to come

By Grzegorz Adamczyk
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World War III has not yet begun and we’re already facing a fourth one.

After Morocco defeated the Belgians at the FIFA World Cup, there were riots in many European cities. Migrants burned cars and attacked the police in response to some supposed grievances from the past.

There was delight that the “whiteys” got beat, a clear example of racism in reverse.

We knew it was coming. If you carelessly allow hordes of aliens onto your territory without any programs to assimilate them, and without the sanctions of possible repatriation for breaking the law, this is what happens. 

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The problem is that nowadays the law protects all kinds of pseudoscience such as climate change, gender ideology, and multiculturalism. So, with the help of the law, it was possible to get migrants from the Third World to become valued workers and citizens.

They should have been given a clear choice between accepting the norms that apply in the countries to which they migrated and forgetting the mirage of a welfare paradise together with the application of sharia law, or returning to where they came from to live in poverty, exploitation, and inhuman treatment. 

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But now it is too late, and it is not hard to estimate that soon the number of incomers with large numbers of children will draw level with the indigenous Europeans who are dominated by singles, homosexuals, and mothers with just one child.

Before you notice it, the world will have changed.

It won’t be a symbiosis in harmony. The newcomers are full of anger, loathing, and hatred of those who host them. It is still being contained, but once the numbers are in favor of the arrivals, nothing can stop the slaughter. It will be worse than in South Africa as the descendants of Germans, the French and the British, don’t have anywhere to run to, unless they come to Poland.

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