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Riots to celebrate Morocco’s victory: A taste of things to come

World War III has not yet begun and we’re already facing a…

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VIDEO: Mass riots hit Europe after Morocco’s World Cup victory against Spain

Following Morocco's shock World Cup penalty shoot-out victory over the Spanish national…

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Illegal migrants paying up to €10,000 to jet ski from Morocco to Spain

What may look like a well-off tourist enjoying a jet ski ride…


23 migrants dead and 140 officers injured after 2,000 Africans storm Spanish border in Melilla

Spain's socialist prime minister, Pedro Sánchez, has blamed organized crime gangs for…

Dénes Albert Dénes Albert

New front in energy war: Spain vs. Algeria

While the issue of Russian energy exports has just reached a boiling…

Dénes Albert Dénes Albert

Plane’s emergency landing in Spain sparks fears of a new migration ‘health trick’

One November Friday afternoon, a plane with 150 passengers took off from…

Lucie Ctverakova Lucie Ctverakova

Morocco to sue Soros network over spying allegations

According to reports, the Moroccan government has filed a defamation lawsuit against…

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Canary Islands see 500% increase in African migrants, levels back at mid-2000s peak

Nicholas Bay, a deputy in Marine Le Pen's National Rally party, warns…

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Migrants paying smugglers €5,400 to go back to Africa during coronavirus crisis

More than half of Czechs are not worried about coronavirus

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Big plans with Morocco

Unregulated entry of people practicing Islam in the Czech Republic is a…

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