Survey: Poles fear left-liberal opposition election victory will lead to open borders

By Grzegorz Adamczyk
2 Min Read

Nearly half of Poles are convinced that if the Civic Coalition takes power, Donald Tusk will bow to pressure from Brussels and agree to accept migrants from the Middle East and Africa.

The polling agency Social Changes, on behalf of the news outlet, asked Poles: “Do you think, if Donald Tusk wins the election and becomes prime minister, he will agree to accept immigrants from the Middle East and Africa as part of the relocation mechanism imposed by the European Union?”

To this question, 45 percent of respondents answered positively, with 22 percent of this group indicating the answer “definitely yes” while 23 percent said “rather yes.”

The poll shows that 27 percent of respondents were convinced that the leader of the Civic Platform would not agree to accept migrants. Of this group, 12 percent said “definitely no” while 15 percent said “rather no.”

Another 28 percent of those surveyed had no opinion on this topic.

The survey also reveals how voters of different parties approach this issue. It turns out that not only supporters of Law and Justice (PiS) and Confederation believe that Tusk will give in to the European Union regarding the forced relocation of migrants. This view was also expressed by 33 percent of Poland 2050 supporters and 22 percent of Civic Coalition voters.

The issue of Poland potentially accepting migrants imposed by Brussels will also be addressed in one of the national referendum‘s four questions, scheduled for Oct. 15, the same day as the parliamentary elections.

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